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About us | GO2 MEDIA

About Us

About us

GO2 Marketing Media delivers cutting-edge multimedia that kung fu’s through all the noise bombarding us at every angle. GO2’s talented group of video-editing engineers and marketing gurus’ multi-faceted experience goes beyond traditional video production and encompasses marketing, branding, and social media strategies. This allows us to attack every project with fierce smarts, so your message is conveyed EFFECTIVELY penetrating straight to your target market.

Mark Swain.  Don’t let his baby face fool you.  Mark Swain has been in the broadcast television and multi-media industry for over 20 years. During this time, he has owned and managed television studios and post houses.  Mark has worn all the hats in the industry (and a couple of sombreros) including producing, directing, post production, non-linear editing, graphics, videography, audio production and live events. If you ask Mark what he’s passionate about…he’d answer God, family and friends, and his J-O-B.  Mark enjoys collaborating with talented, creative geniuses to build jaw-dropping campaigns but often pulls off amazing, solo Zoro-like feats to work within a budget.

His work has aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HSN, CBN, and The Sportsman Channel. Some of his credits include, but are not limited to,  the NFL Countdown show for Times Square, 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Lionsgate Promotional Film Trailers, and five gorgeous kids.  Mark’s most recent projects include collaborations with Emmy award-winning producer and director Steven Feldman, and Hollywood Screenwriter and Producer Howard Klausner.

Why Nashville?  In 2005, Mark was bored of the same ole same ole, so he decided to pack up his amazing wife (who, of course, is not editing this bio) and kiddos and move to Nashville.  If only, they had a Groupon for that.  That daring leap has proven to be one of the greatest adventures he has ever embarked upon.