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Making a Film in Nashville | GO2 MEDIA

The Secret Handshake

Making a Film in Nashville

Making a Film in Nashville

Mar. 19th | Posted by 0 comments
Making a Film in Nashville


The Boys in the Woods

 Kevin Sorbo stars with Amy Grant in the Howie Klausner-scripted indie feature, The Secret Handshake.  The film is in production in Nashville and is directed by Klausner and produced by Timothy D. Brown and James Spies.  Sorbo portrays Roy, a father trying to raise three girls in the suburbs that are beginning to attract the attention of troublemaking neighborhood boys.

“This is a hilarious script about boys learning how to be men, from men who never learned themselves,” says Sorbo.  “Looks like my experience as a parent is about to pay off.”

“We’re all really excited to have Kevin on board as the lead for The Secret Handshake,” says Brown.  “He’s got the comedic delivery and dramatic chops essential to this challenging role and when he was equally receptive to the material, we knew we hit a home run.”

Grant stars as the mother of one of the troubled boys.  “I’ve always pictured Amy in this role and her performance is absolutely stunning,” says Klausner, writer of Space Cowboys and Soul Surfer.  He describes the film as  “A story of men and boys on a journey from suburbia to the deep dark woods, and back again – with adventure, laughter and maybe a even a tear or two.”

Grant has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.  Sorbo is best known for portraying Hercules in the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and in film, Meet the Spartans and Soul Surfer.



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